The Lincoln Assassination

On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln, in the company of Major Henry Reed Rathbone and his fiancée, Clara Harris, attended a performance of Our American Cousin, a play showing at Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC. At approximately 10:15 p.m., an actor named John Wilkes Booth made his way to the state box occupied by the President and his companions, entered the sitting area unchallenged, and, pointing the muzzle of his Deringer pistol at the back of Abraham Lincoln's head, fired a single shot. During the ensuing chaos, Booth dropped the pistol, stabbed Major Rathbone in the arm with a knife, vaulted over the railing of the state box to the stage, and escaped through the back of the theater to his horse. Though having broken the fibula of his left leg during his leap to the stage, Booth was otherwise uninjured and rode unpursued from the scene of the crime. The pistol recovered from the state box after the Lincoln shooting was a silver-inlaid model of the pocket type produced by Deringer, an armsmaker based in Pennsylvania.

Reference: FBI Forensic Science Communications: Jan. 2001 - Vol. 3 - No. 1


Henry Deringer Sr. and his son, Henry Jr., were well established in Philadelphia by the close of the War of 1812, having made both sporting and military rifles at that place since the turn of the century. Henry Jr. continued in the gun trade until the outbreak of the American Cicil War, primarily producing flintlock and percussion military rifles, at least 2,500 "Northwest Guns" and 1,200 rifles for the Indian trade, a frew percussion martial pistols, but most importantly the percussion pocket pistols that became so popular that they took on his mispelled name as a generic term, the "Derringers." After his death, Henry Deringer's name was used by I.J. Clark who manufactured rimfire revolvers on Charels Foehl's patents between 1870 & 1879.


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